Friday, January 2, 2009

Quick Questions - Annie Shapiro '02

by Jenny Lester Moffitt '02

Where do you work? What do you do?
I work at Fuse, a cable music channel that’s in about 70 million households across the US. I program the music videos and help book the music guests that make appearances on the channel. I split my time doing programming work and spending time in our studio during tapings. I have been at Fuse since graduating in 2002. Presently, I live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and work in midtown Manhattan.

What is the most crazy/memorable occurrence that has happened through work?
I am fortunate in that I get to see a lot of live music as a part of my job. But I think the most memorable experience so far was seeing Green Day play in our studio for less than 100 people.

Do you see any other 02'ers?
I see Becky Bass, who also works in the music industry. I also see Becca Shapiro fairly often. She and I were roommates in NYC.

Ratty food?
The first meal I would have upon returning to Providence would be a chicken pocket at East Side Pockets. But if I was forced to return to the Ratty, they better have chicken fingers and magic bars readily available.

Looking back, what was your favorite course at Brown and what course do you wish you had taken?
My favorite course at Brown was City Politics. That was the class that made me decide to concentrate in Political Science. If I could go back for one other class, it would either be the second half of Basic Architecture (it was never offered after I took the 1st class) or photo at RISD. I always regret not taking one class at RISD during my time in Providence.

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