Friday, January 2, 2009

Class Notes - January 2009

Jessica Gonzalez Ortiz - Jessica obtained her Masters in Public Health and is currently working for the City of Newark's Department of Child and Family Well-Being. She is delighted to report that in August 2008 she tied the knot and is happily married to Hector A. Ortiz '97.

Nigel Cordeiro - Nigel spent his early post-Brown years in operational management in New York and LA -- running departments in finance, sales and distribution. Now at a Bay area marketing agency, he's abusing his sleep-patterns managing client relationships by day and a Bangalore team by night. Though he's enjoying the fun and sun and snowboarding in San Francisco, he forever maintains his staunch Jersey pride.

Taka Harada - Since graduating from Brown, Taka has worked for different I-banks as a system engineer. In 2008, he decided to take a break from the grind and do what he wanted to do for many years: to backpack around the world. He visited South America, Africa and the middle-east so far, and plans to visit India, south-east Asia and many other yet-to-be-decided destinations.

Tamara Chestna - Since graduating Brown, Tamara has been working in the film business at various production companies in Los Angeles. Currently, she is a Creative Executive at Laurence Mark Productions, based on the Sony Pictures lot.

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